Learning Statements

Your learning statement is your 'personal reflection' on the activities you participated in while a student at Acadia.  What did you learn about yourself while participating in these activities?  Your learning statements should be 2 to 3 sentences (MAX) and be in paragraph form.  This paragraph is different from your resume - you are not listing your skills - you are reflecting on the experience.  Your learning statements puts that 'personal touch' in an application (work, grad school, scholarships, etc.) - making an impression beyond what a resume includes.  It tells the viewer about YOU as a person not just the skills and abilities that you possess.

Pick the most significant thing you learned about yourself and focus your statement on this.  You can only write one learning statement per activity.


Make it 'rich' but concentrated - be brief but make a lasting impression to those who will read it
Stay positive - even if it wasn't a great experience you still got something out of it, right?
Be creative!


Do not use bullet form
Do not copy your 'skills' section from your resume 
Do not get too personal
Stay away from negative sentences - this will leave a negative effect on the reader
Do not list your 'duties' from each activity or job - save that for your resume

Click here for some samples learning statements