Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What is the Co-Curricular Transcript?

The Co-Curricular Transcript is an official record of verified activities issued by Acadia University that complements, but are not a credited part of, your academic program or coursework. It is a unique and professional means for you to document and highlight extracurricular accomplishments, involvement in extracurricular activities, and additional learning developed outside of the classroom throughout your time at Acadia University. You will use this transcript to complement your academic transcript and resume when applying to employers, grad schools, coop placements, and scholarship programs.

2.  What type of activities should I list on my Co-Curricular Transcript?

The Co-Curricular Transcript is divided into four sections: 

Leadership Activities: includes any leadership role in an organization, activity, or program that requires a minimum time commitment of 20 hours (e.g. club or organization president or executive member, student government member, committee chairperson, athletic team captain, etc). 

Professional or Educational Development: includes participation in extra-curricular learning experiences such as workshops, seminars, conferences, training programs, work experience that are not included as part of the academic program. These may include part-time paid work, 'summer jobs, etc. that complements your academic program. 

Honours, Awards, Recognition: includes any type of formal recognition bestowed individually or as part of a group that recognizes extra-curricular achievements or academic achievements that are not included as part of the academic transcript. These may include scholarships, bursaries, athletic awards, etc. 

Participation: includes membership in any organization, activity, athletic team, community service, or volunteer experience that involves a minimum of 20 hours of participation. 

3.  How can I use the co-curricular transcript?

The Co-Curricular Transcript can be used when applying for jobs, graduate school, co-op placements, scholarships, awards, and at any other time when you want to showcase your achievements, competencies, and skills outside of your academic work. 

4.  How and when should I start the co-curricular transcript process?

You should start your Co-Curricular Transcript your first year at Acadia or as soon as possible ... i.e. now! This will provide you with a more comprehensive and accurate transcript, and spread the data entry work over your time at Acadia. 

5.  How and when should  entires be submitted?

The website itself will allow you to "submit" activities whenever you want them to be verified by the Co-Curricular Transcript Coordinator. You should submit activities as soon as you have completed them. An alternative is to submit activities each semester. Either of these options will keep your records up-to-date in case you want to request an unofficial transcript prior to graduation. The more information you submit at once, the more time needed to verify it.

6.  How are entries validated?

Once you request validation, the Co-Curricular Transcript Coordinator will review your activities and verify that the information is correct by contacting the person listed for that activity. Once the validation process is complete, the activity will be permanently entered on your Co-Curricular Transcript and cannot be modified.  The CCT Coordinator will also give you input on your self-identified skills so that they are easily understood by a person reading them for the first time. She will also review your learning statements to ensure they are strong. If they are not, she will make suggestions for improvements.

7.  What if I can't locate someone to verify my participation?

If we are not able to officially verify that you have participated in the activity we are not able to place it on your transcript. 

8.  What happens if I clicked "Request Validation" by mistake?

Email the coordinator immediately at and inform her of the error.

9.  Can entries be deleted?

Yes, entries can be edited; however, this must occur prior to requesting validation. If you request validation by mistake please contact the CCT Coordinator via e-mail at Once the validation process is complete, the activity will be permanently entered on your co-curricular transcript. The only means to change this is to "hide" the entry. This function can be seen on the left hand menu bar on most pages and will result in that item not being printed on your transcript.

10.  Should I include my employment experience?

Employment experiences should be included on your Co-Curricular Transcript if they are directly related to your academic program. It is expected that you will use your discretion regarding this matter. Examples include a dietetic internship if you are majoring in nutrition, a position as a sales and promotions rep if you are specializing in marketing, a job as a naturalist if you are majoring in marine biology, etc. 

11.  What if I volunteered at the same organization two summers in a row?

In this case, you should submit them separately as two activities. 

12.  Who do I contact if I have a question or need assistance with the co-curricular transcript?

Please e-mail

13.  How do I obtain a copy of my co-curricular transcript?

An unofficial copy can be obtained by clicking "View Transcript" on the left-hand side bar of this page. An official copy can be obtained by clicking "Order Transcript" on the left-hand side bar of this page or emailing  Official transcripts are not provided with your academic transcripts upon graduation - they must be requested seperately. 

Keep in mind that you need to have all your activities submitted and verified prior to requesting a transcript. This process, depending on the time of year, can take up to two weeks.

Three (3) to five (5) working days are needed to have a transcript printed and transcripts can be picked up at the office of the Co-Curricular Transcript Coordinator.  You will receive an email when it is ready for pickup. Your official transcript can also be included with your certificate the day of graduation.

14.  Should I tell my friends about the co-curricular transcript?

Yes! Acadia University students are beginning to use the Co-Curricular Transcript and all students at Acadia should benefit from it. It is currently available to all students and will be promoted to incoming students annually starting in the fall of 2010.

15.  What is the difference between a co-curricular transcript, a resume and my academic transcript?

You may have co-curricular activities listed now on your resume but this often takes the space needed for work experience or may not be applicable to the position in which you are applying. The Co-Curricular Transcript documents all these experiences for presentation with your resume and/or your academic transcript. The Co-Curricular Transcript also verifies the activity through direct contact with the person who supervised your work. This adds credibility to your experience and skill development.

16.  What is the turn around time on getting things validated?

Validation time depends on how easy it is to contact people to verify your activities. A typical transcript activity can be validated within two (2) weeks of submission.